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Cani-Ex Cryo PSE. 

CANI-Ex Cryo PSE is a canine semen extender for cryo-preservation and cryo-transport that has been especially developed for dilution of dog’s semen.


It contains the specific polymer “PolySe” that replaces the traditional antibiotic(s) to prevent micro bacterial growth. 

The use of the CANI-Ex Cryo PSE semen extender brings you several advantages:

  • a less expensive frozen extender available in tubes in an economical quantity of 12ml/tube

  • reduced excess of non-used extender

  • time-saving preparation of diluted sperm

  • easier and less costly processing of canine semen

  • If needed, CANI-EX solution can be used during the centrifugation process if the ejaculate is contaminated with prostatic fluid or to centrifuge the 2nd fraction of the ejaculate

  • no loss of sperm cells due to centrifugation

  • no damage to sperm cells due to centrifugation

  • the use of PolySe avoids antibiotic resistance

CANI-EX Cryo PSE contains a specific ingredient named Poly-SE. This is a new developed and patented liquid polymer that prevents the use of any antibiotics in semen extenders

  • acts as antibiotics for inhibiting any bacterial growth

  • avoids antibiotic resistance

  • has no impact on sperm cell quality and neither on motility and viability

  • well documented clinical data available

Cani-EX CRYO PSE tubes.jpg
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