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CANI-Ex is a canine semen extender for fresh use and cooled transport that has been specially developed for dilution of dog semen and storage of the diluted semen without centrifugation.

The use of the CANI-Ex semen extender brings you several advantages:

  • less expensive extender.

  • the powder provides great stability during transport and storage 

  • easy to prepare and time-saving preparation of diluted sperm.

  • easier and less costly processing of canine semen.

  • in solution can be used during the centrifugation process if the ejaculate is contaminated with prostatic fluid

  • no loss of sperm cells due to centrifugation.

  • no damage to sperm cells due to centrifugation.

  • can be fractionated and stored at -20°C for further use

Cani-EX poudre flacon.png
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